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Backtagging: Definitely! If I ever flake out on a thread that you want to continue, please drop me a line and let me know. My speed is variable right now, and I am more than happy to play with slow people (I've been known to be slow as balls myself sometimes).

(As a note, I typically don't keep texting/tfln threads going too long; it's nothing personal. I enjoy them, but have a limited attention span for them. If you like a texting thread we're doing, please tag me on other things or let me know!)
HMD: Here, anon-enabled, IP logging is off.
Threadhopping: Go right ahead.
Fourthwalling: Please don't.
Style: I'll gladly do actionspam or prose in past/present, whichever you prefer. (But I do love prose, if only because then I don't have to fiddle with HTML nearly as much.)
Shipping preferences: I'm open to both slash and het! Characters 25+ only, please. I'll do smut, but please ask first (unless it's in a smut-specific meme, in which case, please ask about anything kinky; kinklist is here). In terms of specific canonmates, Sam/Steve is my jam, I love Sam/Bucky too. I'd love to try Sam/T'Challa at some point. Definitely Tony or maybe Bruce if you're willing to develop CR? (I'd love slow burn Tony/Sam that starts out as gen and then develops into shipping post-CW.) Not crazy about Sharon, Jane, or Darcy as a personal preference. Wanda, Pepper, or Nat can also work with enough buildup.
AUs/scenarios/thread preferences: I love hurt/comfort, whether emotional or physical (oftentimes both), and anything that lends itself to shipping. I'll do a slow burn relationship, but am also fine with a certain amount of assumed CR, especially on TFLN. AUs I enjoy include fantasy (especially a sort of urban fantasy canon fusion AU thing...yeah, it's hard to describe), vampires/werewolves, daemons, Harry Potter (usually as an adult), steampunk, and various canon fusions. I won't do college/high school, coffeeshop, rock star, hooker, or 'normal' AUs. I'm also totally open to canon AUs of various sorts. Real wings are gr9, especially if they also come with a psychic hawk bond (Redwing).

(Also, I am mostly canonblind to comics and the TV side of the MCU, apart from Agent Carter.)

Hugging this character: He might be a little wtf about it if it's out of the blue, but okay.
Kissing this character: Best to lead up to it first, but Sam is cool with it.
Flirting with this character: Definitely!
Fighting with this character: Go ahead, but be aware that he'll fight back.
Injuring this character: Minor injuries are fine, please contact me first!
Killing this character: No.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure! He's just a normal human with no resistance to powers.
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Note: details can be changed to fit specific AUs; these are just some rough notes of things I've established.

Harry Potter
A Muggle-born Hufflepuff, Sam is in the same year as Steve and Bucky, and the three quickly become inseparable. Sam is truly gifted on a broomstick, and plays Seeker for the Quidditch team. He's chosen as a prefect in his fifth year at Hogwarts, to exactly nobody's surprise. Apart from Quidditch, his strengths include Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

(Optional: At some point, he becomes an unregistered Animagus. Like his Patronus, his Animagus form is a falcon. This can be because Bucky's a werewolf and he and Steve want to change with him, or just because he wants to.)

After Hogwarts, all three of them become Aurors. Bucky is lost during a fight against Dark wizards, and presumed dead, leaving Steve and Sam to work together as partners.

Sam was bitten by a werewolf who attacked him in a deserted village in Afghanistan. Not knowing what had happened, he continued about his daily life - and, on the next full moon, found himself changing into a wolf. He managed to keep this a secret for the rest of his deployment, and after he left the Air Force and returned home. As a wolf, his build is stocky, with dark brown fur.

(Also available in hereditary werepanther flavor, or I'm open to Sam being the newly changed shifter.)

Supernatural/urban fantasy
Sam is part-seraph, with wings that can be summoned at will (unsurprisingly, these wings have falcon markings). To avoid all cracks about being an angel, he's accepted Falcon as his superhero moniker (in universes where he's also an Avenger). He has minor magical powers related to fire and light; these include the ability to summon small amounts of flame or light and minor healing (up to and including healing broken bones). He acts as a sort of social worker for other supernatural creatures a lot of the time, facilitating things for those who can't be seen in public.

A Kaled'a'in of Haighlei descent, Sam finds himself traveling all over the face of Velgarth. As a young man, he spends a brief stint as a mercenary before returning to White Gryphon to train as a kestra'chern. Once he achieves the rank of full kestra'chern, he moves north, eventually settling in one of the Vales and bonding with a Tayledras bondbird. His Gifts include Empathy, Mindspeech, and some very minor Healing.

(His name isn't actually Sam, but a more complicated Haighlei name that conveniently shortens to Sam.)

Optional: At some point, he travels even farther north and ends up being Chosen as a Herald. God only knows why. (It probably has something to do with a pain in the ass Guardsman turned Herald.)

a) Sam is part of a government experiment to create winged soldiers. Rather than simply grafting them on, he undergoes painful procedures to grow them from his back. He's not entirely certain what was done to him, but in the end, he can fly, and he simply knows how to fly, without having to learn. Part of this involves a weird psychic bond with a falcon genetically engineered from an embryo.

Optional: Bucky rips his wings off in Winter Soldier and Tony has to devise cybernetic prosthetics.

b) Similar to a, but he's captured by HYDRA in Afghanistan. The wings part of their experiment is successful, but the brainwashing is not; he's kept in a cell and has an unfortunate tendency to kill anyone who goes near him.

Sam's daemon is a kestrel named Addie. All of his flying gear is specially adapted to fit her into the harness with him, because obviously the jetpack goes faster than she can fly. Addie is, unsurprisingly, very sassy and just as blunt as Sam is. And you thought one of them was bad enough.

Pacific Rim
Blah blah something something experimental flying jaeger, Sam thought he would never drift again after he lost his first partner, something dramatic.

Rule 63
Check out [personal profile] samerica, the alternate version of Sam from Earth-65 (Spider-Gwen's world). She's not a true rule 63, as her backstory resembles Steve's more than Sam's. More info on journal.
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I'm not here right now, you know what to do.

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Body mods: As of mid-April 2017, Sam has bionic wings implanted in his back. They retract when not in use, so the only sign of them is a pair of metallic ellipses implanted in his shoulderblades. When folded out, the metal rib of the wings isn't unlike the wings on his jetpack, allowing him to stretch his arms out and take hold of them. The wings themselves consist of red translucent feathers - hard light holograms produced by an emitter. It's all solar-powered, and batteries store energy for when there is no sun for power.

Powers: Sam developed avian telepathy in May 2017 and shares a bond with a large white gyrefalcon named Jareth (which is why you never let Tony Stark name anything).

Housing: Sam shares a townhouse with Wanda Maximoff and a small colony of Aeslin mice.
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Sam Wilson

AGE: 38
SEEKING: Friends, friends with benefits, coffee dates, workout buddies, just about anything.
ABOUT ME: Air Force vet, amateur chef, occasional superhero.

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player information
name: Megan
age: 30
contact: plurk: sparklepwny
other characters: n/a

character information
name: Sam Wilson
canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe
canon point: Post-Civil War
age: 38

(canon) background: http://marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com/wiki/Falcon

abilities: Sam is a trained pararescueman (albeit retired from the military). This means that he’s been trained to survive in - and extract wounded and dead - from virtually every environment, make parachute and free-fall jumps, perform underwater rescues, work as a combat medic, and is a certified paramedic. He’s also trained extensively in the use of various weapons (largely guns and explosives, but also knife fighting) and hand-to-hand fighting, and he’s probably close to the peak of physical fitness.

No superhuman abilities or magic, though.

Loyalty: Sam is intensely loyal to his friends. His fellow EXO-7 pilot, Riley, was his best friend, and Riley’s death made him leave the military, more loyal to a single person than to a cause. Sam’s loyalty leads him to pick the wings back up so he can aid Steve when he infiltrates SHIELD. He later accompanies him to Peggy Carter’s funeral, and follows him to Vienna, Bucharest, and Berlin, sticking by Steve’s side to fight his other teammates. And when he knows he can do more good by staying behind, Sam lets Steve and Bucky leave and allows Tony and Secretary Ross to imprison him in the Raft.
Determination: Determination is one of of the traits necessary to make it through pararescue training, which pushes trainees to extreme physical limits. In fights, Sam refuses to back down; when Bucky destroys his wings, he still deploys his parachute, then fights Rumlow until the building collapses. When Steve and Bucky need a distraction, he keeps fighting in a fight he knows he can’t win, just to give them the chance to escape. Sam succeeded not only in getting into the Air Force, but also in being chosen for and making it through pararescue training, and then was selected for the EXO-7 test program, ultimately serving in combat. Whatever he starts, he sees it through.
Compassion/kindness: He puts helping others first, and his own well-being second. When Steve and Natasha show up, he doesn’t think twice about helping them, even though he knows they’re fugitives. Instead, he welcomes them in and offers them his help in infiltrating SHIELD. Later, when Steve tells Sam about his plans to go looking for Bucky, he immediately agrees to help him. Though he’d initially turned Steve's offer to join the Avengers down, he changes his mind, knowing that his skills will enable him to save people. And even though he has his own troubles from his time in Afghanistan, he works with fellow veterans suffering from PTSD, trying to help them readjust to civilian life.
Stubborn: Sam doesn't know when to quit. He tends to push at things (and people) past the breaking point - for what he thinks is best, but isn't always. It leads him to butt heads with other stubborn people, and oftentimes ends poorly in these cases. It also means that sometimes he gets 'tunnel vision' and focuses too much on one particular goal, sometimes to the exclusion of other necessary details.
Blunt: He tells it like it is, without cushioning the blow. It's sometimes necessary in his line of work, but doesn't always work well as an approach to other people, because they don't want to hear what he has to say. It also means that he's very pragmatic when it comes to plans, and won't hesitate to tell people that what they want to do is goddamn stupid.
Cocky: Sam can be a touch on the cocky side sometimes (especially if he's flirting with someone), leading to overconfidence in his own abilities. It hasn't gotten him into trouble yet, but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen in the future.

skills (optional): See abilities section. He's also a licensed therapist who specializes in treating PTSD.
housing (optional): Communal housing is fine!

network username: falconwings


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