wingedman: (73)
sam wilson ([personal profile] wingedman) wrote 2017-03-27 07:39 pm (UTC)

[ It's one of Sam's early mornings, the ones where ghosts lurk behind his eyelids and he gives up on sleep well before sunrise and at least one Steve still manages to wake up before he does (or maybe not go to bed in the first place). A run and a shower make him feel more settled, more human, and once that's taken care of, he ambles up to floor five for breakfast - he has a standing invitation, and the bone-deep weariness from a night spent tossing and turning means he's not in the mood to make breakfast himself.

He taps quietly on the door so as to not disturb everyone who's still sleeping, but Sam can smell the lingering aroma of bacon seeping out into the hallway. Someone's awake and cooking, anyway. ]

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