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ic contact, riverview edition

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Alcohol seems to have that effect, but luckily it works both ways!

Is that what comes to mind for humans from Earth when they think of elves?

[Since it's... not exactly what elves are like where he's from, or at least not all of them.]
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Now I'm real curious what people think dark elves are like.
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Well that's kinda racist. I know some lovely dark elves, used to do a show in the Underdark every now and then, great crowd.
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[Oh no Sam, that kinda racism doesn't exist where he's from]

What does skin color have to do with it?
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Fuck that.

Sometimes people are kinda dicks to other races but it's not like, that bad.
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I'm gonna go ahead and blame the lack of magic, makes things real weird.
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Ohhh that explain the elves and dwarves thing, was that a really shitty metaphor?
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Oh gods, you just made me think about fucking the only dwarf I'm friends with so I hate you a little bit right now!!

[gross!!! gross!!!]
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[Thank you for the mercy, Sam.]

I'll be honest, I already have the bottle of wine open and I'm skipping the 'glass' part of this equation.