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ic contact, riverview edition

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Why does everyone always remember that old story? [ Just because it's true, wow. That was the old Loki!!

With no washing up to do as Sam roves into her personal space, she hops up to sit on the counter and folds her legs, chin in a hand. ]

Will you? Or will I get my invite a day late?
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Why would I poison it, hm?

[ Folding her arms in a challenge as a pout sinks into her bottom lip. u r rude, sam. ]
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Did you ever stop and think those wiles were genuine? No.

[ They were, a little, but even though Sam can't be faulted for his suspicion it still feels like she has a right to be offended by all of his assumptions. Just because she's Loki doesn't mean she can't be herself, right? She's been nothing but ... vaguely nice! To suit her own purposes, sure, but still. ]

You know, with a reputation like mine, as you put it, I don't have much cause to take your warnings seriously. Maybe if we dredge up Iron Man, hm? I'm sure Stark would loose off a proper threat or two if he could but first locate his spine in that suit.

[ Insults for insults. ]
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[ Somewhere out there, on Earth-616, David Alleyne has just started laughing for no reason. ]

Whatever, I'm busy enough as it is. [ She didn't want to go on a date anyway!!

Sliding off the counter, she makes her way toward the bedrooms. That would be Sam's dismissal. ]

Judging one person by the actions of their alternate-universe self ... that's unwise, Sam. You should purge yourself of that nasty little habit, otherwise all you'll ever bring down on your head are ghosts where there should be people.