wingedman: (17)
sam wilson ([personal profile] wingedman) wrote2017-04-03 07:07 pm

[riverview] character notes & ac rewards

Body mods: As of mid-April 2017, Sam has bionic wings implanted in his back. They retract when not in use, so the only sign of them is a pair of metallic ellipses implanted in his shoulderblades. When folded out, the metal rib of the wings isn't unlike the wings on his jetpack, allowing him to stretch his arms out and take hold of them. The wings themselves consist of red translucent feathers - hard light holograms produced by an emitter. It's all solar-powered, and batteries store energy for when there is no sun for power.

Powers: Sam developed avian telepathy in May 2017 and shares a bond with a large white gyrefalcon named Jareth (which is why you never let Tony Stark name anything).

Housing: Sam shares a townhouse with Wanda Maximoff and a small colony of Aeslin mice.

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