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Backtagging: Definitely! If I ever flake out on a thread that you want to continue, please drop me a line and let me know. My speed is variable right now, and I am more than happy to play with slow people (I've been known to be slow as balls myself sometimes).

(As a note, I typically don't keep texting/tfln threads going too long; it's nothing personal. I enjoy them, but have a limited attention span for them. If you like a texting thread we're doing, please tag me on other things or let me know!)
HMD: Here, anon-enabled, IP logging is off.
Threadhopping: Go right ahead.
Fourthwalling: Please don't.
Style: I'll gladly do actionspam or prose in past/present, whichever you prefer. (But I do love prose, if only because then I don't have to fiddle with HTML nearly as much.)
Shipping preferences: I'm open to both slash and het! Characters 25+ only, please. I'll do smut, but please ask first (unless it's in a smut-specific meme, in which case, please ask about anything kinky; kinklist is here). In terms of specific canonmates, Sam/Steve is my jam, I love Sam/Bucky too. I'd love to try Sam/T'Challa at some point. Definitely Tony or maybe Bruce if you're willing to develop CR? (I'd love slow burn Tony/Sam that starts out as gen and then develops into shipping post-CW.) Not crazy about Sharon, Jane, or Darcy as a personal preference. Wanda, Pepper, or Nat can also work with enough buildup.
AUs/scenarios/thread preferences: I love hurt/comfort, whether emotional or physical (oftentimes both), and anything that lends itself to shipping. I'll do a slow burn relationship, but am also fine with a certain amount of assumed CR, especially on TFLN. AUs I enjoy include fantasy (especially a sort of urban fantasy canon fusion AU thing...yeah, it's hard to describe), vampires/werewolves, daemons, Harry Potter (usually as an adult), steampunk, and various canon fusions. I won't do college/high school, coffeeshop, rock star, hooker, or 'normal' AUs. I'm also totally open to canon AUs of various sorts. Real wings are gr9, especially if they also come with a psychic hawk bond (Redwing).

(Also, I am mostly canonblind to comics and the TV side of the MCU, apart from Agent Carter.)

Hugging this character: He might be a little wtf about it if it's out of the blue, but okay.
Kissing this character: Best to lead up to it first, but Sam is cool with it.
Flirting with this character: Definitely!
Fighting with this character: Go ahead, but be aware that he'll fight back.
Injuring this character: Minor injuries are fine, please contact me first!
Killing this character: No.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure! He's just a normal human with no resistance to powers.

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